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Couples Therapy

Dr. Arny approaches the couple as a unit.  There are times he will work with the individuals making up the couple, but the couple relationship is his main focus. Dr. Arny will maintain confidential the information the individuals share, but promotes a no secrets policy that is set to ensure the wellness of the couple at hand.  If the therapy is out of balance then the process can be compromised, which is why Dr. Arny promotes transparency in exploring and discussing issues that couples may find difficult to do. Dr. Arny can help the couple navigate and negotiate differences in a healthy, respectful manner in order to resolve any pressing concerns that may be present.  If it is determined that individual therapy be done by the couple or if Dr. Arny evaluates that couple counseling may not be of benefit, alternative referral sources will be sought to make any adjustments necessary in order to ensure continued care for the individuals in the process.

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