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Why therapy with Dr. Arny?

Life is complicated, and we can easily get wrapped up in its demands.  One of the hardest things to do these days is finding a balance between life pressures which can cause: stress, anxiety, frustration, sadness empty/broken relationships and many other things that can lead us to not feeling too good. One of the most practical ways of feeling better and taking care of our mental and emotional health comes from meeting with people who truly focus on listening to what we want and helping us potentially find different ways on how to get there. If you have a problem with a computer, you take it to someone who works with computers. If you have a problem with a car you take it to a mechanic.  If you have a problem with your relationships or overall life satisfaction you go talk with a professionally trained therapist/counselor.


I once heard a story about a guy who was looking for his lost keys under an area of a lit sidewalk. Along came another guy and asked: "Sir did you lose something? Can I help you find whatever it is that you lost?" The man searching for his keys said: "Yeah that would be great I just lost my keys." The good Samaritan asked where the man believed he lost his keys to which he replied: "Somewhere up the dark alley." When the good Samaritan heard this he asked: "Well why are you looking here if you lost them somewhere else?" To which the man replied: "Well this is the only place on the street where there is light for me to see what I'm looking for." 


I share that story because it demonstrates how our thinking can block us from finding potential solutions to our difficulties.  I can say that from my experience, when I have had the setbacks, losses and other difficulties that life has thrown my way I have personally found the process of therapy helpful on my own journey. I could not imagine my life without having all the support of my kind, caring and understanding therapist myself, during both difficult and no so difficult times.  To me, therapy just makes me feel better knowing that I have a place where I can share things that aren’t going to be judged and learning how to apply tools that can help me move forward in finding my own "lost keys".  I have been so impacted by my own difficulties and seeing those around me with their struggles in life that I wanted to learn how to be a counselor to help others going through their difficulties. I often compare counseling to discovering a new kick ass app on my phone, sharing it with others and feeling good from knowing that it has possibly helped them in some way (In this theme it's a flash light app). There's so many different applications to what you can learn and gain from in counseling that I get really excited to share the benefits with others.


I can’t promise that therapy will work the way that you want it to in solving the problems in your life, but I know that it can help lead to an increased sense of taking control and coping differently , which can ultimately help you feel better about your life. I am open with my clients in my ability and hopes to help them create and see the changes that they want to see in their lives generating their potential for self-empowerment. 


My approach is to provide services that are tailored for you to meet your specific needs. The focus is in helping you get to where you want with your goals.  If you feel like you want someone to talk with give me a call. Hopefully, we can work together with the aim to help shed light in the right places in order to help you find your keys.


~ Dr. Arny

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