Sex Therapy

Sometimes a person or couple may have issues surrounding their sexuality and sexual function.  Maybe the person or couple has an incompatible sex drive.  Perhaps a couple is struggling with pain during intercourse or problems with feelings that their sex life has become stale/stagnant or predictable/unpredictable . Also, the couple may not have processed issues concerning infidelity or are facing a crisis in the relationship of some kind, which is effecting sexuality and intimacy.  These issues are best addressed with specific goals set to resolve the problem(s) present.  The therapist will explore a historical, biological, psychological, and relational history with his patient(s) to evaluate the problem and treat it specifically.  Dr. Arny focuses on the non-physiological problems leading to issues regarding sexuality. If the person needs referrals to physicians or other specialists, Dr. Arny will help in the assistance of finding such referrals and with his patient’s consent, speak with those professionals to better serve the patient’s needs in finding a solution.

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